Jane Mozill

Jane Mozill is your trusted estate and probate specialist.  Having worked as a corporate executor and trustee in Calgary for over 15 years she knows the business well and has experience with numerous unique family and asset situations.  Jane has run her private estate and trust consulting business since 2012 providing assistance to Calgary’s estate lawyers, financial advisors, accountants as well as assisting family and friends.

Jane understands there is a gap in the marketplace for those estates that the large trust companies will not act for or for the individual that has some knowledge and expertise but needs assistance for one or more aspects of the estate administration process.  If you have accepted an appointment as an executor or administrator,   Jane has the contacts and experience to help you get the job done efficiently.

Please contact Jane at 403-835-5816 for a free consultation and quote for services.  Every estate and trust situation is different and we would like to discuss your personal circumstances to determine the best fit for services that we can assist you with.