THAT’S MY ROOFER roofs new properties and reroofs existing properties. Most homes, including bungalows with detached garages, or two stories with attached garages can be reroofed in one day, When we leave you won’t know we’ve even been there as you and your neighbours’ yards will be spotlessly clean. The only difference you will see will be your sparkling new roof. We can reroof anything from a garage to villas, townhomes, and apartments. The quality of the work is of the highest standard, regardless of the size of the project.

Our roofing service includes shingles, shake conversions, metal roofing, rubber roofing, and flat (also called low slope) roofing. The different types of roofing products comes in many different designs and colours. Please refer to “Roofing Products” for information on each type of roof.

If you are re-roofing as a result of an insurance claim, you can hire us to look after all your exterior repairs and replacements. Please refer to our insurance page.

Replacing a worn roof has many benefits, most important being the protection of your family and your home and contents from the elements, providing you with peace of mind. It also adds value to your property, updates the look, and may lower your insurance premiums.


We all know that Covid-19 has been a great challenge for both individuals and businesses. However, if you own or manage a business property of any type what better time to reroof than now. It is unfortunate that so many businesses have been forced to shut down. THAT’S MY ROOFER can reroof a property during this time without any inconvenience to your tenants and their clients. We can do it quickly and complete the work in a very safe environment.

As a property manager, you demand a top-quality roofer that can meet your stringent requirements on an ongoing basis. Whatever type of commercial property you are managing we will meet those needs. Past projects include a large motor hotel, a curling rink, and a large church. We treat your property as if it is our own home. We have also completed villas, townhomes, and apartment blocks.

These jobs obviously require more than one crew. Until 2015 we had three crews. In 2015 we had to downsize. Two former crews have since operated independently, although we still work together on large jobs. The other crews still work to the same high standards as us.

While we do not have testimonials to support our commercial roofing, we do have two former clients who will allow us to provide their names for commercial projects. The first is a senior construction superintendent for one of Calgary’s largest residential builders. We roofed his new residence in 2016. He asked us to roof his father-in-laws’ new home in 2018. The second is a fellow who has worked as a property manager in Calgary for over thirty years. We reroofed a family member’s home. He came and watched us to ensure we did it to his standards. He then hired us to reroof his home, when he could have hired any one of the roofing companies hired by his employer.

Insurance Services

OH NO! Another annual hail storm in southern Alberta. What do you do now? Where do you start? THAT’S MY ROOFER is here to help you.


WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU DO. We will explain later.


If it is obvious that your property has suffered damage call your insurance company claims office. Ask for an inspection to be done. An adjuster will come and complete the inspection. There may be a delay if the storm was widespread and very damaging. We can attend your property at the same time or sooner than your adjuster.

If you are uncertain about any damage, phone or email us. We will respond quickly. We can inspect your property before you even call your insurance company. Why call us first? Are you aware that if you ask your insurance company to do an inspection, that is counted as a claim by your insurer? That can affect your future premiums even if they say there is no damage. So call or email THAT’S MY ROOFER and ask for a FREE DETAILED INSPECTION.

What do you inspect, and how much does it cost me?
The inspection is free. We will look for every type of exterior damage that qualifies for replacement or repair. That includes roofing, eaves, downspouts, fascia and siding. This also includes checking other items such as your fence, deck, doors, windows, garage door, and personal items in your yard. We have often found damage missed by the adjuster.

Why should I select THAT’S MY ROOFER to complete the insurance work?
There are several reasons to select us.
Quality of Work
In the past ten years Alberta has been hit with a barrage of hail and wind storms. It has taxed the ability of contractors to find trained and qualified workers to complete the huge amounts of work. Insurance companies hire a few large contractors – easier administration. Those companies have to hire sub-contractors on a temporary basis. The subs often have no vested interest in doing the best job they can, and there is often little supervision of the work they do. We do not hire sub-contractors as such. We do have two crews that we had to lay off in 2015. They now work independently but do come back and work with us when we need help. THAT’S MY ROOFER crews are fully trained and will provide you with a high-quality roof in the shortest possible time.
We can usually save you money. Most insurance companies pay their contractors very well. We can work for less and still make a reasonable profit and thereby save you some or all of your deductible.
Insurance companies pay to replace a roof using the same materials that are on the roof now – often meeting minimum government standards. We do all of our roofs to the shingle manufacturers’ recommendations or higher – a free upgrade for you. (YES – insurance contractors are paid very well.) This often means we add new products under the shingles that you don’t have now. What is under the shingles is as important as the shingle quality.
Time Frame
We can usually complete the work required ahead of the insurance contractor because they get swamped by the insurance companies. We also will not replace a roof in Winter unless it is necessary. We will wait till Spring when the weather has no impact on the roofing materials and the quality of the work.
What Type of Work Can You Do?
We can complete any exterior work that you need to complete. We work with other contractors, each of whom has one specialty. Perhaps you don’t want a new roof but you want to re-side your home. If you need a garage door installed we have a door company that works with us. We have one, and only one contractor that can complete each type of work for you. We can ensure that the contractor will do high-quality work.

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