Shingles are the most popular choice among the various roofing products. The quality of shingles has improved greatly over the past twenty years. You also have a much greater choice in colour and design. The introduction of the architectural laminate shingle allowed homeowners to consider a product that is aesthetic and one they can expect to last 30 to 50 years, depending on the shingle they select.

All the manufacturers introduced the “limited lifetime warranty” a few years ago. It is a lifetime warranty with conditions attached. Generally, the better quality shingle you buy, the better the warranty.

All the shingles we use have a Class A four fire rating, the highest achievable rating.

Our most popular shingle is the OWENS-CORNING DURATION. It is considered to be a 30 to 35 year shingle. We have used this shingle as our standard shingle for the past 10 years, in which time we have not had one problem with this shingle. If you wish to move up to a higher quality shingle we recommend you look at the MALARKEY VISTA and the MALARKEY LEGACY. They are considered to be 40 and 50 year shingles respectably. They too are an architectural shingles. The LEGACY is considered to be the king of architectural shingles by many roofers. Shingle designs other than the architectural are available from all the manufacturers. These are top of the line shingles and will cost you more.

The O/C DURATION shingle does not disclose any hail rating. From experience with my roof it will not be damaged by pea sized hail. We get this type of storm every year. Last year we had a 15 minute storm with golf ball size hail. The insurance adjuster agreed to reroof my roof if I agreed not to claim for new eaves (only 1 year old). Whether I got a new roof was iffy. So it did stand up well. A roof may require some repairs if hit by large hail stones for a short duration of time. A long lasting large hail storm may require your home being reroofed. (See our Insurance page).

The MALARKEY VISTA is a Class 3 shingle with better hail protection than the O/C DURATION due to its manufacturing process. The MALARKEY LEGACY is rated Class 4 and stands up very well to hail storms.

One thing to keep in mind. For the small amount extra it will cost you, we recommend you upgrade the support materials to the manufacturers’ recommendations. These are the parts underneath the shingles you don’t see, that provide you with extra protection you should have. We will explain why these upgraded materials are worth the money in our discussions with you.

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