I’m a board member at Cedarbrook Terrace Condominiums. 

Arkitakt Roofing (now THAT’S MY ROOFER) replaced the entire roofs on our two buildings. Their pricing was fair and competitive. Everything was done on time and on budget and the workmanship was top notch. The company owner and his crew conducted themselves in a highly professional manner and respected the owners’ homes and privacy throughout the job. The roof replacement experience could not have been more positive. I will continue to recommend this company to anyone that is seeking the services of a reputable roofing company. Please feel free to contact the writer anytime.

Wayne Noonan

Leanne and I want to express our appreciation for the great job that Arkitakt Roofing (now THAT’S MY ROOFER) completed on our residence. We received quotes from four other established roofing firms in order to make our decision on the contractor. We compared quotes to ensure that material pricing and installation were equal. The Arkitakt quote was very competitive by a Substantial amount. Nick and his crew arrived exactly as scheduled, and immediately went to work removing our old roof, and installing the waterproofing, new shingles, drip edge, and new venting on the house, garage and small shed. They were polite, played no loud outdoor music and were eager to answer any questions that I had. The crew worked well into the evening to ensure the house was not exposed to the elements overnight. They returned early the next morning to complete the work. The clean up was well done and the garbage was hauled away. We are very happy with the completed job and have recommended Arkitakt to others who have contracted them with very similar and favourable results. As a further testament to your quality workmanship, our roof held up totally undamaged from our recent severe windstorm.

Dave and Leanne Wharton

This is some of the work we have performed in the past 10 years with brief comments attached.

We have reroofed over 50 roofs in the small subdivision of Palliser in the past 10 years.  Add Braeside, Oakridge, and Cedarbrae and that increases to over 100 homes.

  1. We have reroofed over 50 roofs in the small subdivision of Palliser in the past 10 years.  Add Braeside, Oakridge, and Cedarbrae and that increases to over 100 homes.
  2. We have completed 4 roofs for 3 different members of 1 family, and last year were awarded a contract to reroof a curling club managed by one of the family.
  3. We completed an insurance job on villas in Turner Valley. I asked the insurance company to come out on day 1 and check to see that our work was satisfactory. The inspector was very happy with all aspects of our work, saying “just keep on what you’re doing”.
  4. One of our very first jobs was to reroof a home and garage in Brentwood. The couple had 3 boys under the age of 6 and 2 dogs. They were concerned about the cleanup and the kids’ and pets’ safety. He called me in the evening after we had cleaned up and left. When he got out of his car he was mad because he had looked at his yard and patio, and he thought that “ those guys didn’t come today as promised” Then he looked up at his roof and saw we had been there. He was very happy with the cleanup we had done.
  5. We reroofed a large church in Acadia in 2015 after getting the job in a cold call. We have received over 10 jobs since then from the parishioners of the church.
  6. On one street in Palliser we reroofed 4 out of 5 homes. We reroofed 2 of those in 2019 after a terrible hail storm. The other 2 were declined by their insurance company. Approval depends on (1) the insurance company and (2) the adjuster.
  7. We have several examples of where we have done 3 houses in a row.

We are very proud of our work but embarrassed that we have not asked our clients for testimonials.

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